Unpopular Wedding Opinions

I wanted to have some fun with the blog and share some Unpopular
wedding opinions. Let’s face it, most of us have thought of these things… 

1. Wedding parties are a necessity:

Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to choose who will stand up with you on your big day. So, look at the easy way out and chose all family (siblings, SIL, BIL, etc.)

As I said, I’m that couple-only, eloping type of gal. Don’t get discouraged if you see photos of brides with 10 bridesmaids and you only have, like, 3 close friends. Not having to pay for bridal party gifts, getting ready outfits, hair, makeup, etc. allows you to reallocate that money to get a better photographer, spend more on wedding favors, or just save that money for your honeymoon!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these groups becoming
frenemies by the end of it all. 

2. No one will notice the little details: 

 If the centerpieces are all missing daisies even though you specifically
instructed your florist to add daisies, there’s a 100% chance your guests will not notice. The day will go on and you’ll realize that the little things you were worried about the morning of, are no longer on your mind! RELAX! 

PA wedding couple among the evergreens sharing their first kiss

3Eloping is underrated: 

I love elopements and small destination weddings! But it’s just much less popular than having a bigger wedding with all your fam and friends. Just because Aunt Tammy doesn’t think it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean you should listen! Smaller and more intimate weddings are the way to go.  It’s nicer because you can spend quality time with the guests that decided to attend. You don’t have the headache of saying hi to hundreds of guests – some of which you may not even really know!

4. Momzillas are worse than bridezillas:

Yup I went there….. and if you know, you know! Going to choose to not
comment on this one or go into further detail. 

5. Weddings aren’t family reunions

It may be hard to block the noise from family members but you need to put yourselves first. If there are family members or old friends that you don’t keep in touch with or have bad blood with, don’t invite them. Haven’t talked to your second cousin Larry since you were 15, don’t invite them! The last thing you need is to be stressed on your wedding day in fear of having a bad or awkward interaction with one of your wedding guests! It’s your day and your feelings matter most. Don’t invite anyone who doesn’t support you and your partner fully!

Weddings should be unique to each couple. There is no wrong or right way to put on a wedding. While some traditions need to go out the window, I also find others to be classic and timeless.

But what about your unpopular wedding opinions?  Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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