Hello world!

I took a long, hard dive into my “why“. Why do I love photography?  What drives me?  What inspires me?

Why do I do what I do?

This discovery was both a challenge + easy.

I took a branding course, which led to some deep diving into the route + meaning of what “I” wanted to come across as.

It made myself really think about how my “brand” + how I, myself, wanted to be portrayed.

For those who have known me for awhile, know I have a love for nature + adventure.  I am always up for something new, hiking, sight seeing-you name it. And those who have been past clients of mine, also know that I tend to climb on rickety walls, rocks, etc. to capture the shot that I want. I always tell my clients, “If I fall, save the equipment, not me!” LOL

My old logo and website, they didn’t represent what I want my brand to be, it wasn’t me. They were just ok.

Hours, days, weeks, were spent going through ideas, color palettes,  trying to create a logo that truly represented myself.

The “easy” part was knowing that I wanted to use nature as an inspiration.
The “hard” part was deciding on how a logo + name would get that across.

The nature inspired earth tones + the  simplistic logo is now a true representation of what I want to portray.

Buck Hollow Creative encompasses “me” more. A photographer, isn’t just a photographer. They are a creative.
Being creative + thriving with free reins for creativity  is what all photographers love + flourish with.
I would also like to start incorporating different things into my brand + my business in the future.

New things are in store  for Buck Hollow Creative, + I couldn’t be more excited!

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